Ateen Car Emergency Mobile Power Supply/ Car Battery Charger ( power bank ) /Jump Starter Booster With Dual USB

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  • Color: black and Yellow
  • Material:ABS
  • Capacity: 89800 mAh
  • Host weight:<445g
  • Set weight:<1.2kg
  • Service temperature:-20℃-60℃
  • USB output: 5V—2A
  • Laptop output: 12V-16V-19V
  • Input current: 15V/1A
  • Three light mode:LED torch,Red and blue lights,SOS,LED explosion-flashing
  • Cycle life: 3000 times
  • Size mm:170*80*30
  • Applicable vehicle type:Gasoline car 6.0,Diesel engined car 4.0
  • Starting current: 300A
  • for Peak current :600A

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Ateen Car Emergency Mobile Power Supply/power bank
Four practical functions:
1. Instantly start the car, in safety and emergency necessities
2. Ateen Car Emergency Mobile Power Supply/power bank is Efficient intelligent charging, with adapter and charging line, can be applied to more than 95% notebooks,
mobile phones, tablet PCs, cameras and other electronic equipment
3. 1W super bright LED flashlight, with flash mode, can convert to SOS emergency mode
4. Temperature protection, short circuit protection, constant voltage protection, constant current protection,
over charge protection, over discharge protection, balance protection, magnetic field protection
  • The necessary equipment for mountaineering, camping and other outdoor activities
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • The battery capacity is large, durable and safe
  • Small size, slim and easy to carry
  • Low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance
  • Providing power to the car, starting the car in a flash, simply solving the dilemma
  • No need to install, no need to set up, just use a clip to connect the car positive and negative, open the power switch, the car can start (red – positive, black – negative)


  • Due to the shooting and screen resolution reasons, there are some differences between
    the picture color and the object, please take the object as the standard.
    When charging the jump starter, please turn the button to ON position,make it become power on state.
  • The middle two are white lights,and the next two are red and blue light. 4 LED lamp operation steps:
  • Switch to the ON position,Long press the round button, the middle two LED will be on;Long Press the round button again,the two LED will be off.Double clicking the round button, SOS red and blue lights will be on.
    Because of the different input voltage and output voltage, actual capacity of the battery may have a difference, please understand.


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When Charging the jump starter, please turn the button to ON position, make it become power on state and the red light indicates normal charging state.

May not, The Product is dedicated to 12V cars.

The Product has 3 voltages. You need to Double-click the round button to switch the voltage.

Trying to switch Voltage to 16V/19V. 12V jump start car/charging/car battery, 16V/19V Charging laptop

It can support diesel engines with a displacement of less than 4.0 and a gasoline vehicle with displacement of less than 6.0